By remaining true to the ethos of founder Colin Chapman, Lotus stands alone as a brand dedicated to pure drivers’ cars. Innovative engineering, cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials ensure that every Lotus proves the value of achieving performance through light weight.

Reducing mass remains the most effective means of achieving a true connection between driver, car and road – a quality shared by every car to proudly wear the Lotus badge.

” Adding power makes you faster on the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere. “

Colin Chapman

More relevant today than ever, it’s a core principle that has been tested and proven at the highest level of motorsport. Lotus’ efficient, lightweight construction boosts straight-line acceleration and braking and allows for sharper handling, plus better body and roll control. This makes a huge contribution to the poise and balance of a car during high-speed cornering.

Ultimately, the only way to truly understand a Lotus is to drive it.

Only then can you feel the communication, agility and precision that makes Lotus a brand that is truly…