Fuel Compatibility


  • Except on the Lotus Emira, Lotus recommends to use a premium high quality UNLEADED fuel, meeting EN228 standard. The rating of any fuel should be clearly marked on the fuel pump.
  • The use of good quality unleaded fuels meeting EN228 standard containing proper detergent additives shall be used.
  • The majority of the Lotus vehicles have catalytic converters fitted in the exhaust system. DO NOT push or tow start the car; or turn off the ignition at engine speeds above idle; or run the fuel tank dry: Any of these actions may damage the catalytic converters.
  • Fuel system damage and running problems, resulting from the use of incorrect fuels will not be covered by your New Vehicle Warranty.
  • Methanol – Do not use fuels containing methanol (wood alcohol). Use of this type of alcohol can result in performance deterioration and damage to critical parts in the fuel system.
  • Lower Octane Fuels – The lower octane rating (typically 93 – 94 RON) will result in slightly reduced performance and economy and are not recommended.
  • Fuels Containing MMT – Some fuels contain methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT), which is an octane enhancing additive. Such fuels may damage the emission control system and shall NOT be used.
  • Diesel – A Lotus vehicle WILL NOT operate on diesel fuel.


Like any other motor vehicle, every component within the fuel circuit is subject to fair wear and tear and/or failure and potentially some fuel system components may have to be replaced during the lifetime of the vehicle. Therefore, it should not be automatically assumed that the failure of any seal, fuel line or component within the fuel circuit has been caused by incompatible fuel.

The information above may supersede that currently contained within the owners handbook.